Dr. Norma Gray

Apostolic Dimensions
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There is a great responsibility that rest upon us universally. The weightiness of what God is delivering to us in this Apostolic hour, is to those who are ready/prepared to pick their spiritual weight up.

If you’re looking for fresh direct insight into what God is revealing to His people, youโ€™ve logged into the right place. Here I share raw, relevant insights into the common inquiries about God and scripture and the deep revelatory insights needed to profoundly understand the timing of God.

As you grow with me in uncovering divine truths, we will fulfill Ephesians 4:13โ€ฆ โ€œTil we all come to the fullness of the stature of the measure of Christ.

I look forward to sharing this Apostolic journey of insights with you.

Leadership Development

Authenticity in leadership is a key element for the 21st Century Leader. Whether you’re in corporate management or a spiritual leader, becoming relevant in your role is essential to ensuring you are leading from the right position.

I have found many times we can be placed in positions of leadership based on our specified abilities, but have no knowledge of how to lead, not just with our abilities, but lead from the place where goals are achieved and productivity increases.

I offer group trainings on leadership development. These trainings are tailored for your specific area of business and customer service. I also do individual mentorships to help you reach your next place.

What makes my trainings and mentoring programs most effective is the prophetic gift associated with my apostolic call. This gift allows me to see where it is God needs you to operate from and with that the anointing He has given me, to move you from where you are, to where you are needed to be.

Contact me today to receive more information on how I can help you in the area of leadership.

The Gray Matter

The Gray Matter is my weekly radio show. We recently made the decision to take the show from a radio show to a weekly live video show. I am excited about the switch.

The show covers a variety of topics and current events with the focus to bring relevant truths to the listener to provoke dialogue about the issues. It is always my intent to engage in conversations and studies that allow us to receive a deeper revelation.

You can catch the show weekly via FB Live, YouTube and here.

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  • To supply the apostolic community with relevant insights necessary for present day living.
  • To consistently challenge the untruths of religion.
  • To be current, relevant and revelatory.

To equip leaders for present day ministry…

by identifying our individual and collective gifts needed to advance


Success begins with a J. that “J” being Jesus. True success comes in following the guidelines set forth from the beginning. I have found that true success begins when we embody the life of Christ, His teachings and teach others to do the same.