Apostolic Insights

If you’re looking for fresh direct insight to what God is revealing to His people, you’ve logged into the right place. Here, I share from the raw relevant insights of common inquiries about God and scripture, to the deep revelatory insights needed to profoundly understand the timing of God.

As you grow with me in uncovering divine truths we will fulfill Ephesians 4:13… “Til we all come to the fullness of the stature of the measure of Christ.

I look forward to sharing this Apostlic journey of insights with you.

Published by Apostle Norma Gray

Apostle, Dr. Norma Y. Gray is an international apostle, developing leaders, carrying the authentic message of a 21st Century apostle to Nations. Her ministry is apostolic and prophetic. Her teachings are revelatory yet comprehensible. Her raw, uncut, uncensored, sharp as a sword delivery of the Word causes the hearers to take an inside look at the real issues of the Christian walk. She aggravates the common place and provokes believers to embrace a new place in the realm of the Spirit. She exposes the plans of the enemy and reveals the tactics of the flesh that hinder the believer from reaching their ultimate potential.

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