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This is the revelation of a prophetic dream I had in July, 2017. I believe it’s relevance is for now in 2020 and the days which are to come should the Lord delay in coming.

I awoke this afternoon from a dream that has my spiritual alertness very high. The dream I believe has spiritual significance and I take this time to write it to help retain it as well as capture it’s spiritual significance.

First, I believe the dream to be apocalyptic in nature. Right now I feel like the Apostle Paul, trying to explain what I see using the things I know, to explain the things I’ve never seen before.

The dream is about an invasion of mechanical beings who are controlled or under the direction of evil forces against the earth. The apparatus I saw was had a seeing ability to detect and destroy. They were made of a dull metal with many lights and pointed areas upon its outer shell. It could hover as well as fly very slowly. (I will share there prophetic relativity later in this note)

(1)They appeared to come from the sky. I saw them first from a window I was looking out of. I saw them flying by apartments and detecting human life and the status of that life as if they found persons whom they should destroy. If they detected a person inside who registered with them, they were to destroy them. As I was looking at one in the distance searching an apartment, another machine came right in front of the window I was looking out of. It startled me. I stood still.

2) I felt like it examined me. I sensed it recognized me then something registered within the strange being and it was told to move on. I discerned that it meant these electronic beings could detect who was for Christ and they had no authority or power to destroy or touch those identified as Christ.

3)I then got down to the street. At this time it was evening and the sun was going down. I saw people in panic. I began lurking about trying not to draw attention to myself all while watching what these mechanical beings were doing.

4)I saw these strange beings destroying people. Some people they destroyed by damaging their eyes. They would extract them. (Remove them) I saw the bloody mess they made doing it. It seemed like for some they did it just to do it because they could but others they damaged their sight for strategic reasons eating them. I know a mechanical being eating a fleshy things is not possible or feasible, but it’s what I saw. As the sun went down and the night came they began herding people in groups. Moving them along, like they were headed for a place to house people.

5)Along the way I saw many people killed by these machines. Some again they took their eyes but some they ripped out their insides and squished them. Their bowels I hear in my spirit as I type this were being destroyed.

In the dream I began to try and understand what was happening. I knew it wasn’t the rapture and it wasn’t the tribulation. I felt a machine watching me, scanning me like it was going to detect I was figuring things out. I began to talk to others and tell them how to handle themselves to avoid being detected and killed. I told them if you are Christian it’s okay you’ll be okay. Just don’t panic. You’ll end up like those who are being killed. I was leading a group around in the situation and then the dream left me and I woke up. I didn’t wake up while dreaming. The dream ended and then I woke up. I then remembered the dream.

As I meditate on this prophetic dream. I first really want to know what the beings are. They are mechanical. What does that mean?
They were made of metal like substance
They did not appear to me to be of this earth
They were electronic
They can think

My first insight is that it’s a computer. I’m understanding that the thing I saw is a representation of what it is and not what it is itself. Meaning what I saw was not really what it is. It represents itself that way as to camouflage or hide it’s true nature and intent. There is an accuracy in that interpretation that only time and pray will a lot me.

They ability to fly speaks to the power of the prince of the air. Through computer access it can detect who we are. It can see into every home. And it travels through the air electronically. Hence the machines ability to fly, to hover and move very quickly from one residence to another. Selah

To invade that residence to determine who is their and if they can and should be destroyed or not. However after detecting the Christians they could not, because they had no power to destroy them. They were not designed, created and therefore lacked the ability to destroy us, the Christian. This is significant!

Technology is trying to transform us! hindering our ability to recall, memorize, (phone numbers and more (old school) our thinking skills, our cognitive skills are important ..we need to think in order to solve problems etc.,rather than going to google for all our answers.
All our answers are not on google, Amen.

Apostles, we need the wisdom of the Lord, His knowledge and revelation to help us all. Lord, help us Lord!!!!’

Supporting scriptures
“And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.”
Acts 11:26

“Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”
Acts 26:28

“Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.”
1 Peter 4:16

In what God has given me. The Christian did not suffer. In fact they were saved. But the embracing of the understanding and term Christian is something that I am pondering at this time.

Christ like nature. It’s the divine nature that the enemy in this dream could not touch and had no authority to touch. We must make sure our nature is Christ’s.

Apostle Norma Gray

Published by Apostle Norma Gray

Apostle, Dr. Norma Y. Gray is an international apostle, developing leaders, carrying the authentic message of a 21st Century apostle to Nations. Her ministry is apostolic and prophetic. Her teachings are revelatory yet comprehensible. Her raw, uncut, uncensored, sharp as a sword delivery of the Word causes the hearers to take an inside look at the real issues of the Christian walk. She aggravates the common place and provokes believers to embrace a new place in the realm of the Spirit. She exposes the plans of the enemy and reveals the tactics of the flesh that hinder the believer from reaching their ultimate potential.

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