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Why I do What I do…

I was chosen to serve as an apostle since I can remember. I take no credit for who I have become in God. There are some who are called based on their service and proven ability to serve. That is not my story. I remember possessing the ability to hear God when I was in kindergarten. It was so unusual for someone so young, that my mom says she was often afraid because I would know things prophetically that someone so young should not have knowledge of.

My journey in my apostolic career has had many turns and trips through the wilderness and valley, through the heights and depths of deep places not to mention the highs and lows of life. Each experience teaching me tools, skills, wisdom and abilities that I find essential to accomplish the assignment of a 21st Century Apostolic Leader.

I employ all that I’ve learned to equip those called to me, to accomplish Ephesians 4:12. I have such a passion for the progressive believer, the person in search for God and those who desire to walk in leadership.


I have more than 30 years experience as a bible teacher, instructor, seminar leader, preacher and teacher.


The word of the hour is mentor. However, an apostle is just that, one who equips, trains and empowers leaders. I have served as a mentor too many nationally and internationally for more than 15 years.


I was ordained in 1984 as an Evangelist/Missionary/Preacher. I was ordained a Pastor in 1997 and ordained as an Apostle in 2001.

Social Media Influencer

As a radio personality I realize the influence we have in the world of social media. This is one of the greater works I believe Jesus spoke of. The ability to be completely transparent to your audience is a gift.

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